Brig Tariq Javed (R), Advisor on Innovation,
Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC), Islamabad.

Brig. Tariq Javed (R), Advisor on Innovation, PEC

Pakistan is termed as the youngest country in the world. Sixty four percent of the country’s population is under the age of 29, as stated by the Pakistan’s National Human Development Report 2017. If properly nurtured and equipped, these young minds can bring transformational change and can make phenomenal contribution in all sectors of life, hence, ensures the better future. Pakistan engineering Council (PEC) has always been committed to excel the engineering profession in totality and produce well-rounded engineering graduates.

Pakistan Innovation and Testing Centre (PITC), another substantial initiative of PEC, will provide enabled environment to engineers and innovators that will help them access new pathways of opportunities, and greatly enhance their creativity, and problem-solving skills. Through its role, it will foster the export of indigenously developed and manufactured innovative engineering goods.

In the recent years, Pakistan has produced significant research work but unfortunately, we are lacking behind on the product development side. PITC aims to practically implement the research work with strategic academia and industry collaboration, and to accelerate the product development process.

It will forge close ties with all the stakeholders that are involved at different stages of product development and will support incremental innovation in products while ensuring the quality through testing and certification facility at the centre. It will reinforce the complete process from idea to commercialization.

PITC successfully delivered its first project “Pakistan Manufactured Ventilator Systems (PMVS) during the COVID-19 pandemic to cater the need of locally manufactured ventilators. Through continuous commitment, PITC will soon emerge as an innovation hub for engineering products/solutions and will remain focused to give back to the community for the sustainable economic growth.

I believe that we have much more to accomplish, that is only possible by staying committed and together as a community.


Brig. Tariq Javed(R),

Advisor on Innovation,

PEC, Islamabad.