In parallel with indigenously developed ventilators, Pakistan Innovation and Testing Centre (PITC) supported the design and development of innovative electromedical devices such as oxygen concentrator, human body medical parameters measurement device, and others. PITC aims to actively promote the export of such electro-medical devices in future and reduce the imports.

Following are the electro-medical devices approved by PEC for industrial grade production:

Sr. No. Product Title Designed By Location Function Production Capacity
1 Pak-1 Oxygen Concentrator Project Management Organization (PMO) / National Engineering and Scientific Commission (NESCOM) Islamabad To provide pure oxygen 30-50 per month by PMO
2 Alnno Ventura CPAP/HFNO Open source design Karachi To provide continuous airway pressure 90-100 per month by M/s Alsons Group
3 Sehat First Joint venture of 2x firms i.e. Hospital Management System developed by M/s Tech-Medo and Sehat First Device of M/s 360 Technologies Islamabad To check blood pressure, ECG, blood sugar level, body temperature, oxygen saturation and heart rate

Alnno Ventura

Pak Oxy Concentrator