Who We Are

Pakistan Innovation and Testing Centre(PITC) is a strong initiative by Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) to promote innovation and entrepreneurship activities, and to facilitate engineering industries.

  • Facilitating the stakeholders for the promotion of entrepreneurship activities and product development
  • Establishing standards for design, prototype development, testing, regulatory approval and serial production
  • Identifying and arranging the potential funding resources
  • Linking startups, innovators, and R&D initiatives with National Investor Portal (NIP), and other interested investors
  • Facilitating indigenization and reverse engineering of products / systems
  • Coordinating with local manufacturers, innovators, and public/private set-ups
  • Connecting the local manufacturer with the international firms to access the international market 
  • Promoting the national brands through showcase event and display centres
  • Striving for the technology transfer and contract manufacturing opportunities 
  • Facilitating the local innovators to file their IPO (Intellectual Property Organization) 

Our Logo


Bulb Illustration

The overall illustration shows the emphasis on innovation.

Inner Half Gear

The inner half gear is representing the engineering industries.

Two Half Crescents

Two half crescents, one is depicting the green colour of Pakistan and the blue one represents blue ocean strategy.


Tick is for facilitating and promoting innovation in engineering products.

Our Objectives


To inspire youth through knowledge creation and sharing, display and promote outstanding Final Year Projects from academia, and organise innovative trainings.


To bring new methods of developing products and solutions through facilitating to local engineering industry on incremental innovation, international and national collaborations and converting ideas into prototype and commercialise.


To establish innovation fund, link start-ups with Pakistan National Investment Postal (PNIP), and create a pool of angel investors and donors.


To drive start-ups towards scalability and growth through focusing on promoting local brands, providing support to OEMs in regulatory approvals, and getting international certifications.


To create positive impact on society through innovative products/solutions, create opportunities for engineers, more productivity with same resources, and improved exports.
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