Pakistan Innovation and Testing Centre (PITC)

PITC facilitates engineering industries to promote Research and Product Development (R&PD) through Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

  • Act as creative & coordination hub
  • Establish standards for design and prototype development
  • Develop Acceptance Test Procedures for engineering goods
  • Facilitates regulatory approvals for engineering industries
  • Promote and showcase national brands
  • Identify and arrange funding resources
  • Collaborate with national and international peer organisations
  • Bridge the gap between industry and academia
  • Connect local manufacturers with foreign interested parties
  • Technology transfer and contract manufacturing

Our Objectives

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Let us convert your idea into product!

PITC urges innovators to register their potential innovative ideas or products with us to get the required resources to transform them into commercial and exportable products.

More About Us

Who we are

Pakistan Innovation and Testing Centre(PITC) is a newly established unit at PEC and striving to be the first national Conformity Assessment Body (CAB).

PITC has two main functional streams; Innovation and Testing. It aims to engage diverse stakeholders and provide them a platform to collaborate for the purpose of creating, developing, elaborating, and prototyping products/ solutions to the prevailing challenges for long-term social impact. 


Innovation and Entrepreneurship Committee (ICE)

The Innovation & Entrepreneurship Committee is comprised of academia & industry experts and will…

  • Anticipate and provide innovative engineering solutions for the prevailing issues
  • Formulate methodology of exchanging information between the stakeholders
  • Develop academia industry linkage framework
  • Support research & product development (R&PD) 

A Journey Towards Innovative Pakistan!

Our Initiatives

Pakistan Manufactured Ventilator System (PMVS)

In April 2020, PITC initiated its first project Pakistan Manufactured Ventilator System (PMVS) during the pandemic to develop low cost and high quality ventilator. It provided an enabled platform to engineers where they could register their designs for low-cost ventilators and PITC will expedite the development process for them, while ensuring the ventilator’s quality through standardisation and testing. 

Project's Visual Story

Pakistan Youth Innovation Club (PYIC)

PYIC 2021-05-09

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